Our Services

Architects, Civil Engineers and Surveyors

STATUS offers comprehensive Real Estate services framed by a team of experienced Engineers such as Architects, Civil Engineers and Surveyors.

Real Estate Appraisal

STATUS’s network of affiliate councillors offers a scientifically substantiated assessment of the value of the entrusted real estate and measurable data.

Residential Renovation

Reliable Partner Technical Companies offer competitive pricing, comprehensive home renovation, repair and remodelling of residential or commercial  Properties.

Real Estate Insurance

Integrated Real Estate insurance and Legal Protection programs are available to STATUS’s clients at a premium rate.Our client’s sense of security is enhanced by affordable services.

Notarial Support

Status has an experienced notary for composing notarial documents for transactions such as real estate transfers, purchases and sales.

Legal Assistance

Experienced lawyers, aware of current tax developments, handle every legal issue, achieving the best possible outcome for STATUS’s clients.